How do you provide value to my business?

As entrepreneurs, we recognize that ensuring your business has the necessary working capital is a top priority. With our lending programs, you can easily and quickly obtain this much-needed funding—without having to meet stringent bank fund criteria. Furthermore, after obtaining funds through us, you will benefit from free strategic and financial consulting services! You won't [...]

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What is the application process?

Ready to get started? Our streamlined application process makes it easy for you. Simply visit our website and the helpful prompts will guide you through each step - in just a few minutes, your submission could be complete! We take pride in responding quickly; once we receive all of your documents, typically within 24 hours [...]

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What can I use the money for?

With our funding, your business has the resources to run and grow as you see fit. Whether it's covering payroll, renovating, or expanding operations—you call the shots in how you want funds allocated. And while expertly managing your company is up to you; when it comes to getting access to capital quickly–that’s where we step [...]

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How does the financial process work?

Our process is the simplest way to get you the funds needed for your business growth. Just submit a quick application or full pre-qualification form and some supporting documents, and we will have you funded in no time – within just 48 hours!

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Are you providing me with funds?

Get early access to up-front funds with our innovative approach: rather than offering a fund, we purchase a share of your upcoming sales and put the money in your pocket right away - all you need to do is pay us back when earnings come in.

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What types of businesses/industries do you work with?

Our wide-reaching solutions and services connect an array of distinct industry sectors, from food service to health care, and automotive to retail. Every day we work with more than 500 businesses in manufacturing, construction, technology, and textiles - enabling us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting customer needs.

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